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Diploma in Fashion Styling (6 months) Part Time

Course elements :

–  Understanding of fashion
–  Knowledge and skills in styling
–  International fashion studies
–  Understanding style quotients
–  Concept development
–  Project execution

The supplementary practical tutorial is an integral part of this part time diploma course. Visual marketing being of utmost important In the first module of the course, students understand the fashion process, blended with the language of fashion with other supporting subjects of fashion concepts along with the elements of product design.

The second and the third module deals with the industry process teamed up with product study, theme presentations and more………

The practical and theoretical skills that the course participants acquire covered in the second and the third module intend to provide them with sufficient confidence to realize their own ideas in concrete form in the related workshops. 

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“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week”
“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week
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