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Diploma in Fashion Design & Denim Technology (2 years Part Time)

Course elements :

–  Understanding of fashion and textile chain within its context
–  Knowledge and skills in clothing production techniques (denim specialization)
–  Denims & fashion
–  Business management skills
–  Product development skills

The supplementary practical tutorial is an integral part of this part time diploma course. In the first two semesters of the course, students learn the basics of fashion design and development along with practical implementation of their design concepts. Here the focus is not just ensuring that the students are familiarized with pattern construction and production methods- they are also encouraged to develop their own creative potential. 
The practical and theoretical skills that the course participants acquire are intended to provide them with sufficient confidence to realize their own ideas in concrete form in the related workshops.

The third and the fourth semesters deal with the manufacturing of denim till the make process along with schooling with a denim manufacturing firm, a conversion firm and finally with an established denim brand.  

The course involves incremental acquirement of knowledge and skills in a wide range of different subjects, thus ensuring that course graduates are appropriately qualified for their future careers. The in-depth subject training is provided during the second half of the course. Concrete and detailed awareness of sector - specific tasks and the ability to combine various skills play an important role here.

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“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week”
“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week
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