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A world where creativity knows no bounds, where dreams turn into reality, where ideas mould into remarkable powers where impossibilities turn into opportunities. An appeal from classes to masses, from tradition to transition, from surreal to real, fashion is a perfect blend, amalgamation rather of classical art form with modern dissections, creativity, vision and perception.

Studying at FEIAD means developing an eye for the market requirements. In numerous practically oriented workshops, students have the opportunity of familiarizing themselves with the daily business within the glittering world of fashion. The comprehensive courses designed to meet the needs of the market and the fashion industry on whole. The curriculum revolves around the different aspects of the fashion business and the in-depth knowledge for the field you have opted for.

We at FEIAD invite you to explore your creative ingenuity and be a part of the glamourous industry.

From The Team
Mr. Tanvir Khan
Director - Fashion Studies
  Ms. Mureen Babykutty
Business Office
  Ms.Vibhuti Barve
Course Director -Fashion Design
Mr.Karan Berry
Partner - A.K.A Bespoke
  Mr.Alok Shah
Program Director - Photography
Mr. Kshitij Choudhary   Mr. Abhishek Chatterjee   Ms. Shikha Mital
Mr. Sanjay Tekwani   Mr. Pranav Hamal   Ms. Meghna Doshi
Mrs. Komal Kolekar   Mr. Ateev Anand.   Mrs. Sharmilla Mukherjee
Mrs. Juhi Agarwal   Mr. Lester Ferns   Mr. Swetesh Ambade
Mrs. Racheal Tseng   Mr. Melwyn'D'Souza   Ms. Turna Biswas
Mrs. Pooja Abralli   Mr. Kaustubh Kamble   Mr. Vinay salunkhe
Featured Faculty
Without exception, lecturers employed at the FE Institute Of Art & Design have broad industry experience. Co operating with industry partners they maintain close links to R&D projects aimed at developing products and process technology for the future. This work is fully reflected in their teaching and students derive full benefit from it. The faculties teaching at the institute are from NIFT, NID, PAF and London College Of Fashion.
Partner Institutes
FE Institute Of Art & Design has IIME (Imperial Institute Of Management & Engineering) Registered by the Govt. Of Maharashtra as a Training partner and Course Accredition by CMJ University, Meghalaya. (Recognized by the University Grant Commission Of India).
The Advisory Board
 Fashion has indeed been one of the most lucrative industry, and especially globalization/free trade in exports has created a major impact on fashion economy
Mr.Kshitij Choudhary
official Stylist LFW - talent box
 Education being one of the most influencing factors in understanding of global markets, India students should equip themselves with the industry's best requiste in fashion.
Mr.Daman Choudhari & Ravneet Goraya
Directors - Runway
 With international companies coming to India, any one pursing a career in fashion today would definitely go places, fashion being a creative field, offers various career opportunities.
Mr. Puneet Agarwal
Director - Vemb
 It is very important to have a sound knowledge of what you do, but always be in the brackets of practicality to make your product commercially viable.
Mr.Prashant Bhatia
Director - Cambridge
 Much of the raw talent needs guidance and direction. FE Institute of art & Design is going to fulfill the need and contribute to the industry that's shaping the future of so many.
Mr.Arshad Said Khan
Fashion Journalist.
 Fashion is not only restricted to garments or designing. There are many other fields where one can fuse his creativity with technical skills
Mr.Karan Berry
Senior Stylist Spykar lifestyles Pvt Ltd.
 Globalization has been responsible of changing our mind set towards fashion. the field is not only creatively but also momentarily satisfying.
Mr.Harpreet Bachher
Fashion Photographer
 India having one of the worlds richest culture turns the head of international designers for inspiration. we have to be at the forefont of fashion advancement and technology to compete with the west.
Mr.Ken Ferns
Fashion Designer
Latest Updates
“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week”
“students are getting ready for this year’s
the lakme fashion week
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